ECHL History Glitters With Two In The 80/200 Club

No other North American professional hockey league can claim what the ECHL can: two members of the 80/200 club.

The East Coast Hockey League feeds the American Hockey League which, in turn, feeds the National Hockey League. Among professional hockey leagues, the ECHL has something unique that none other has. In the League’s history, it has not one but two members of the 80/200 club.

Scoring 80 goals is a feat that has rarely been done at any level of professional hockey. The AHL has never had an 80 goal scorer. In fact, the AHL record for goals in a season is just 70 in 1988-89 by Stephan LeBeau.

The NHL has three players in the history of the league to attain the 80 goal plateau. Wayne Gretzky did it twice with 92 in 1981-82 and 87 in 1983-84. Brett Hull had 86 goals in 1990-91 and Mario Lemieux had 85 in 1988-89. It should be noted that Lemieux stands on an unreachable plateau after his 133 goal season in junior hockey playing for the Laval Voisins during the QMJHL 1983-84 season.

What makes Trevor Jobe and Bill McDougall unique is that they attained the 80 goal plateau while sitting more than 200 minutes in the penalty box. Jobe scored 85 goals, a league record, while sitting out 222 minutes in penalties in just 61 games during the 1992-93 season with the Nashville Knights. He added 76 assists that season for a total of 161 points, also an ECHL single season record. Trevor added 7 goals in the playoffs for a grand total of 92.

Bill McDougall scored 80 goals exactly in just 57 games during the 1989-90 season with the Erie Panthers. He sat out 226 minutes while adding 68 assists for a 148 point season. This was McDougall’s first season in professional hockey and his only season in the ECHL. He also spent 11 games that season with the AHL’s Adirondack Red Wings, adding another 10 goals. Add in the 6 goals he attained between the two teams in the playoffs and that made for a 96 goal season.

Trevor Jobe, who was a draft pick of the Toronto Maple Leafs, had a few good seasons afterwards but never regained the Midas touch of that magic season. He continued to play professionally until the end of the 2004-05 seasons and never played at a higher level than a handful of games in the AHL.

Bill McDougall was never drafted but did manage to play 28 games in the NHL scattered over three seasons, one each with the Detroit Red Wings, Edmonton Oilers and Tampa Bay Lightning. Not quite returning to the 80 goal plateau, McDougall had a quite successful hockey career in the North American minor leagues as well as the European elite leagues.

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